Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sick and Tired

I Give Up Apologizing -- I am done feeling sorry for not getting these blog posts up every day. I will get to this shit when and if I decide to do it!

 Just kidding! Y'all know I am really trying to DO SOMETHING HERE, so it's simply not an option to treat this casually. This  -- writing -- is what I do is what I am is what I be. So. It's here, it's on the scripts, it's on the short stories, it's in the novels in the plays in the pen in the ink in the ether

So. I apologize for missing/skipping a few days. Life bes like that sometimes, but I know now that anything I want to do, I gotta do in the morning, before the dew is on the roses, you know? Before I truly have time to back out and back down. It's that way with the gym; it's that way with the writing. Up and At 'Em. Rise and Shine. The Early Bird Gets the Nasty Ass Worm.

Etc. etc.

I reconnected with an old friend the other day. It was wonderful to hear from him. He's back from the woods, with quite a lot of smoothing out to do. If you're out there Bird, welcome back (I think? I hope?).

And to Tai, who KILT IT in her orals and can now be called "Dr. [name redacted]," can I just say "gwan, girl!" The world needs more black girl geniuses out there. Rise and Shine, baby.

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