Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ok, I Get it Now

I Think I See What is Happening Here

 Maybe I should have made this the 30-30-60? Because apparently I can swing "writing" a "post" once every 2 days, but knocking out 27 words on absolutely nothing once a day is too much for my overburdened mind. But you know what? Sca-rew it. If it takes me 60 days to get back into the swing of things with this blog, I do not care. Because finally, I miss it. I do! I miss popping up here every so often. I miss telling you people (and by "you people") I mean the imaginary throngs -- THRONGS -- of you reading this blog about donating plasma and StonesFest and occasionally hearing Mark Lamarr play my song requests BBC Radio Two, gatdammit,

Speaking of The Rolling Stones, they just announced their North American tour dates and apparently, they're offering a limited number of seats in each venue for $85, with the added perk that your ticket MIGHT get you a spot up close and personal in "the Tongue Pit." The deal is, you won't know until you show up for the gig. Tickets are sold in pairs.

So I guess I'm about to spend $170 bucks tomorrow.

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