Monday, April 01, 2013

I Didn't Get Any Chocolate

And I'm Starting to Feel the Effects, To Be Honest -- I have to say, I am a little bit in love with this blogging experiment, because my whole connection seems so charmingly retro, now! Also, I'm no longer living with Julie, so I have about 9000% less funny stuff to say. But! Ladies and gentleman, I want you to rest assured that no matter how boring it becomes, I am going to finish this 30-30-30 and after that I will probably just turn this into a recipe blog or maybe a parking place for story ideas or dream journal bullet points or something. So, you know, have no fear. YOU ARE STILL GOING TO BE ENTERTAINED. I am only on week 2 of my Daniel Fast, but I am already so damn insufferable about it, you'd think I'd been chilling with anchorites all year. For goodness sakes -- it's not like I'm starving over here. I just miss cheese so much. I took that shit for granted, you know? You never miss your cheese until the dairy well is dry. First day back in the gym after taking last week off due to crippling back pain. I did a hardcore granny workout that barely broke a sweat, but hey -- baby steps. What do you people want from me that I am not already killing myself to give you?!

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