Friday, April 12, 2013

At the End of the Day

The Little Things You Say

When I lived in London, back at the dawn of time, I worked a very prestigious law firm located in The City. I was one of a number of paralegal/ legal assistants on staff, and one of the others, a law school grad, used to  say that phrase "at the end of the day," in the most lovely, graceful way. I liked hearing her speak. Lovely girl. Her name was Laura Marshall. I think. God, but it's been an age. Yes, I am sure her name was Laura Marshall. She was about 5'4" but she looked about 3' even. And she was one of those people that was just hopelessly cool and with it, you know. Very smart, very together. And the loveliest voice! We hung out quite a lot for a bit, and then we had a falling out for some reason that PROBABLY was due to my just not being able to deal with anyone else's shit for a bit, which comes up with me every so often. The thing about having friends and lovers and family is that, occasionally, they are going to drive you absolutely bananas. But if you love them and care about them, you grit your teeth or holler or moonwalk into another room and cool out. But I tend to just chunk the deuces and say vamonos. Much easier that way. More satisfying in the short term.

More devastating the long term, of course, but what do you want from me -- legitimate life advice? You poor suckers.

Anyway, Laura Marshall and I had a falling out and didn't talk as much anymore and that was that. At the end of the day, I left London and never spoke to her again. There were so many people from that time that I just left behind. Sad to remember now.

That was the year I almost died.

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