Friday, March 22, 2013

On Being A Hater

I have spent my entire life being secretly consumed with envy for anyone who seems to have the slightest bit of "togetherness" about them. It's ridiculous. I can't seem to catch a break in about a million different crucial areas, but that's 99% my fault, so I'm not sure why or when I decided that obsessively checking my totals against someone else's was going to make for easy, uncomplicated rest and satisfied living. At any rate, it's Friday afternoon, and the work week is almost done (almost). I am determined to do nothing this weekend that doesn't make me feel better. Church, running, hanging out with Lily, cleaning up my omnishambles of a's all going on the agenda and scrubbing this foul mood from my psyche. I can't go into another week carting all this bile around. Yeesh.

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