Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Shit I Don't Care About

These two knuckleheads put me to sleep like a glass of warm milk. Ugh. You can't tell me that accolades these two draw (they both got nominated? Thefuckouttahere) is due to anything other than wanting to see this chick on the red carpet. We have some national sickness that only be cured by talking about this boring-ass couple ad infinitum, apparently.

I respect the humanitarian work they do, really I do. But seriously, America. Can we retire these two for a fucking minute?

Jugo, who's at work at 5:30, along with the rest of Hollywood


Electric Mayhem said...

I second this wholeheartedly. The only reason these two fucktards don't immediately put me to sleep whenever I see them is because they're both so insufferable that my rage keeps me awake.

Electric Mayhem said...


Their charity work is lovely blahblahblah, but we all know they have to do it, because if they didn't, NO WAY would anyone put up with their shit.

Admiral Neck said...

Apparently the wiry female Terran biped stole the twitchy male Terran biped from another female biped, one who is considered "pitiable" by some of her own kind.

Seriously, you have to treat them like that to deal with the ridonkulous amount of scrutiny they get.