Friday, January 23, 2009


During this one, I was watching 30 Rock. I didn't move, and neither did the cat.

To be fair, we're both fat-ass lazy sons-of-bitches who'll probably have to be dragged to safety when the Big One hits.


Admiral Neck said...

You. Are. Freaking. Me. Out. I think your nervousness is being teleported across the Atlantic into my brain, which would account for my jumpiness and your eerie calm.

It's like that Steven Wright joke. 'I moved into a new place. There was a light switch on the wall that didn't seem to do anything, so every so often I would go over and flick it up and down a few times. A couple of weeks later I got a letter from a guy in Germany that said, "Cut it out."'

Adams said...

Speaking of emergencies, I have just got the rage from reading a forum (I know -- imagine that) thread wherein someone argued that it wasn't worth it to have an emergency preparedness kit because she lived in a big city and there was bound to be a store open in the event of even the most major disaster. Because those people busting ass at the tills of chain supermarkets for minimum wage are going to hang around and finish their shifts so that this chick can swing by and get bottled water, apparently.

Sweet Lord. If and when the big one hits, I'm going to EAT people like that.