Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's Been a Long Time, Etc. Etc. Etc

There are a lot of things I want to talk to you about, kids, up to and including Thanksgiving and feeling grateful and out-of-town guests and how I make the best stuffing. And I will get to all of that. I would also like to talk to you about my boyfriend, who is the simplest, sweetest, most random of souls...a man who, when watching the new Star Trek trailer (not the one with the fi-yah at the end), saw the shots of them building the Enterprise and mumbled approvingly, "I'm glad they're creating jobs," like Star Trek was for real and they actually hired construction workers and electricians and welders (like him!) to build it. Like the Enterprise was a real thing, yo. I'm rubbing off on him like whoa.

So anyway, I'll get to all that, but I can't wait any longer to show you this, which is a for real thing that ding graciously pointed us all to, and my reaction has run the gamut from wide-eyed hysteria to wondering how someone could have so accurately captured on film the dreams I had as a nine year old, and yet not cast me in a single role. Cramazing. Who is this guy? Please, please, please watch this thing to the end.

And don't try to don the cloak of hipster irony, either, but that song is an astonishing earworm. You will succumb to the charms of Chris Dane Owens. You will.

But seriously -- how much money did they spend on this thing? This video looks crazy expensive. Even just hiring that one redheaded porn star must have cost something.

Oh, and ladies: he's single!


Electric Mayhem said...

Doug did not say that!

Awwwww. That man, I tell you, has a pure soul and a warm heart. He's a keeper, Broc. But you knew that already. I was very pleased to have met him.

thptpth said...

Lord Of the Rings outtakes + Cary Elwes' mustache from The Princess Bride + Howard Jones circa 1987 = Chris Dane Owens.

Not that any of those are bad things...

VanDyke said...

Um... I actually did watch the whole thing. Mostly because I was waiting to try and figure out which Nelson he is. Also, I think that I also saw glimpses of Katie Holmes, Deborah Messing, and even Bjork during this timeless magicKal special. Oh, and I don't think it cost all that much. All you need is a bunch of stuff that WETA auctions off after a production, a green screen, and lots of footage from those "flyover-to-music" specials that PBS stations have on during pledge drives. Nevertheless, my love is alive, and ever vigilant against its enemies.