Friday, November 07, 2008

Let The Record Show

Marring my extreme elation at this country finally living up to the content of its creed, has been my horror at the passage of Prop 8 here in California. We'll get in to that later. But first, can we also dismiss the ridiculous notion that black people are to blame for this shit?

EDIT: Adding more, because this meme has exploded across the mainstream media and the blogosphere at large. I'm shocked -- we're all in a post-racial America now, don't you know -- at the ease with which former allies are turning against each other. This is some sick, serious shit.

Why Prop 8 Won -- great breakdown from The Nation
You Might Be a Homophobe? -- blog post from Renee
Gays v African-American Meme Benefits No One -- blogpost from ellephd
More Prop 8 Black and Latino Blaming - Vivir Latino
A Primer From a Brown Straight Girl -- the always wonderful bitchph.d


girl6 said...

OK?! African Americans only make up only 6.7% of the population of CA. Even if all 6.7% of us eligible to vote actually voted, and all whopping 6.7% of us voted yes, you still have only 6.7% of the vote! They need to take a long hard look at how conservatively San Francisco County voted. And there aint a whole lotta us living there.

Adams said...

Girl, this shit is serious. Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan ... even if this malarkey were true, I have to ask -- is this the way these normally astute people think that politics is run? You do this and we do that? Tit for tat? What the hell kind of uncomplicated, simplistic, non-nuanced view of society is that? Oh, that's right -- one that springs from white privilege.

thptpth said...

I'm having trouble even understanding how this argument (black people caused Prop 8 to pass) can be made. Admittedly, I haven't read any of these articles you mentioned, but what the fuck?

I guess I'm an idiot, but what do the two even have to do with each other? That seems incredibly simplistic and...naive.

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