Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm So Tired Even My Feelings Hurt

Well, I ran those 12 miles, in case anyone cares.

Question! Is there a better running song than Fugazi's "Waiting Room"? The answer, my friends, is no!

Actually, that is not true! The best song to kick ass to on the mean streets of LA is Brother Ali's "The Puzzle."

And that's a FACT. I require one of two things from my music, ladies and gentlemen: it should either make me want to fuck someone or shoot someone. Only one of those urges is of any use to me while running the streets of pizza. I need pure, unadulterated adrenaline when I'm out there, pounding pavement and dodging dog shit. Having said that, when you hit mile 8, mile 9, and you've got nothing left in you, a little hip hop triumphalism will keep you going. Listen, kids: you know those tshirts that say "I'm in shape -- round is a shape"? Well, that's what I'm dealing with here. I'm round as a gatdamn dinner roll.* Every mile I notch is one more lesson I teach myself about being a fighter.

Listen when life leaves you beaten up
Don't lay around in it, hurry pick them pieces up
Cling closely to the people you love
They're your umbrella when the weathers tough
See to it that your head is up
If not just remember this
Just never let your chest and your chin touch in public
Those that stand against us would love this
Man, fuck them, something's bugging em'
They feel inadequate or something and that's been dug in em'
So deep they can't stand someone else making shit
Player hatred, same concept created Satan
Play em, no never mind let em play their part
They're here to make us prove we are what we say we are
We say we are the hard-hearted
Been discarded from everything we've ever been part of
They just robbed it
Unguarded, tormented and tortured
And got nothing but scars and grey hairs to show for it
Fuck that, every stone that's ever been cast or blow that ever landed
Helped to build that man that's standing before your bitch ass
I'm back to wreak havoc: I never retired, retreated or recanted
I, don't expect you to have stood where I'm standing
Why, respect is the only thing I'm demanding
Try, you and I could build this understanding
You can't honestly shake unless you know where my hand's been brother

This is a piece of my puzzle now
Through the years I found peace in my struggle now
If we were put here to carry a great weight
The very things we hate are here to build those muscles
This is a piece of my puzzle now
Through the years I found peace in my struggle now
(Who's to blame for the state I'm in - yours truly
I play my cards but somehow I can't win
--Brother Ali, "The Puzzle"

*and twice as delicious


Anonymous said...

As someone who just ran a very wet ans soggy and windy 26.2 miles, I salute you and your effort, bravo!

Adams said...

Joan, is that you?

Did you just run another marathon, you little champ?

Whoever you are, thanks for the kudos! But save some for yourself. I don't have my marathon until December.

Anonymous said...

It was me, crockery!

Adams said...

What?! Why didn't I know you were doing the marathon? Did we talk about this? What? What?

Anonymous said...

Can't remember, I'll fill you in....