Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rhetorical Flourishes

Analysis of Palin's most incendiary and "wtf" moment in last night's speech, courtesy of ding over at bitchphd.

Another take, plus some astute reasons as to why the mockery might backfire.

Oh, how about another awesome one?

Like these writers, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around why a group ostensibly devoted to personal responsibility considers the vital work of local civic engagement something worthy of mockery. But then, for all their snide derision of Sen. Obama as being more flash than substance, as someone punching out of his weight class, as a demagogue blinding the masses with his empty rhetoric, the Republicans have proven time and time again over the last 12 years that they will say and do absolutely anything that shores up the unprecedented power they've accumulated over the last 20 years in the halls of Washington. To paint themselves as plain-speaking regular folks makes me want to fucking scream.

*and yes, Bernie, let's have that conversation about why it is that in every election in recent memory the Republicans have gone on and on about needing to "shake up the system" -- I don't know what motherfucking country y'all live in but have we not had a Republican president for the last 8 years? And before that, a Republican-dominated Congress during Clinton's tenure? What exactly are you shaking up?! Or, as Barry Crimmins would have it, they want to "come in as a reformer without mentioning that the reason there is a need for reform is because of people like [them]."*

Two of my good friends are Republicans. I will never ever understand why, although Todd would be happy to explain AT LENGTH his manifold reasons. But just to show him that I'm not ignoring his wingnut texts, a little something about his candidate's maverick choice for VP. Also? The hand-wringing and po'-faced shock at the sexism underlying some (not all, or even most, by my estimation) of Democrats' sneering at the Palin choice is a bit fucking rich after the commentary from rightwing pundits we've endured this political season regarding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

There are many, many reasons to be struck dumb at McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for vice-president, but the following will do nicely. This woman is an irregular heartbeat away from the Oval Office, people. Chew on that. Think of that. I'd rather eat a bowl of scabs than have another Republican in the White House, but if you insist on making a craven and manipulative grab for voters (although I have to admit, it is kind of genius: distracting the naive who'll waste time and energy going on about this attempt to woo Hillary-voters won't work, when it's obvious this is designed to galvanize the evangelical base, who are the real voters McCain needs to worry about finessing) you couldn't have gone with Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Olympia Snowe?

Also, homes, believe that Sarah Palin is not the real pick. She's going to bow out in a couple of weeks, having "belatedly realized the toll this is taking on her young family," and the real pick is going to sail by, Alito-style.

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