Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reach Out and Touch Someone

It's hardest on Saturdays, because that is when I would call and we would talk for awhile

Saturday, 27 September -- 5 months since the accident


Electric Mayhem said...

Broc, even though we might not talk about it much, know that you're continually in my thoughts and prayers.

Mrs. Swank said...

For me, it's the drive home from work. We would always talk then.


... on a completely different note, my word verification is "nvhumpv". Hah! (yes, I am actually 13 years old)

Adams said...

Thanks, ladies.

girl6 said...

Sunday evenings she'd call and I could hear her already laughing as I'd bring the phone to my ear. We'd laugh, talk, get in a little tiff about nothing, laugh and hang up after two hours. Five minutes later she'd call back: "Oh honey, what I really called about was..."

I miss her made-up words. And the scent of Dove soap and Jergen's and AquaNet on her skin.