Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Favorite Kind

Deep down, my mother was very silly. She would have pretended not to like Dinosaur Comics, but secretly, she would have loved it. Anyway, it's like Ryan North is giving her a secret shout-out today, because he used the name "Tina."

It's been 4 months today. If you're so inclined, raise a glass (preferably of some sweet ass wine that no one above the age of 19 should enjoy) to my beautiful Tina, who used to laugh so hard at the most ridiculous stuff.


Electric Mayhem said...

I wasn't planning on having a glass of wine tonight, but now I will, if only to honor her. She was a wonderful, beautiful influence on you, Broc.

Anonymous said...

I have this stuff called "Red Ass" wine that's supposedly currant wine. It's pink. I'm totally opening it tonight and sending her - and you - a toast. I wish you were here because I know of a particular festival that's happening this weekend where they serve LOTS of sweet wine . . . . I miss you!

Farm Girl

thptpth said...

I will instead drink a glass of sweet-ass ginger ale (that no one over 19 enjoys) because of the whole no-alcohol thang. But my toast will be 100 proof.

Adams said...

Aw, thanks, ladies. I guarantee you that Tina is with us all as we imbibe, because anywhere sickly sweet drinks are consumed, there she be.

Teri--because I know that's you-- if I hear about you rubbing up on the prince this weekend, I KEEL YOU

girl6 said...

To your beautiful Tina and my Precious Jean...up there drinking Spanada wine and doing the jordache to the Gap Band.