Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Which I Pay No Money To Get Freaked Out By Something I Had No Business Reading Anyway

I have an extreme case of scoleciphobia, so this was the last damn thing I should have been reading.



Anonymous said...

Shhhha.....I'm totally and completely grossed out. I bet that's why my stomach sticks out.

girl6 said...

Ok. See. Now I'm all fucked up.

During the Victorian era, they used to sell "sterilized" tapeworms for weight loss.

I'd rather smoke crack. Or just have Leonard Nimoy break up with me.

Adams said...

I hope you two took the time to read that article in its entirety, because you would have learned that

Sweet Jesus, I can barely write it

tapeworms can grow to be 50 feet long.

Sweeeeeeeeeet Sweetback. I am deputizing any and every reader of The Get Down. If you hear that I have a tapeworm, track me down and put a bullet in me. I don't want to live.

girl6 said...

But the *tapeworm* would want to live. It would fly outta your butt like a whip and crack that gun out of my hand like Indiana Jones.

The tapeworm would be all like, "Da da daa daa! Da da da." *cue Raiders of the Lost Ark music*


Adams said...

Where do you live? Because I am FedExing a can of Get-Rite to your house RIGHT NOW. How are you gonna come up in my own spot and say something like that?! Damn, damn, damn! That image is going to stay with me, you know!

I am seriously clutching my chest like Fred Sanford.

girl6 said...