Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Like the Shoes

This article is so critically malnourished, it's a little crazymaking; but nevertheless, read this piece on hipster hookers...if only to marvel that the writer actually paid the disgruntled madam $2000.

Apparently, the madam really is a woman you don't say "no" to, because if she had demanded that money from me after I failed to satisfy a client, I'd have popped her in the mouth. Who in the hell does she think she is? The Bishop? Seriously, let your mouth gape open in incredulity throughout (my favorite piece might be the half-hearted and parenthetical "there is an important distinction to be made here between those who choose prostitution and those who are forced into it" BECAUSE REALLY NO SHIT).

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girl6 said...

Prostitution never ends well. No matter what "choice"a woman says she makes, every single sex worker I ever worked with, regardless of socio-economic status, has been a victim of sexual abuse as a child.