Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everybody, Everybody

I bet you thought I forgot all about "Tell Me ' Bout It Tuesday." But I didn't. I've been unsubscribed from life for a minute, it's true; but I hold all of you users and losers near to my heart, so, please: write in and tell me what's up with you. I know that Ho[o]va has got some big!news! and Broccoli stays trying to remind me of the sixth grade for no good reason. girl6 took my advice and asked her stable of hos to remember that we're a family, dammit (and if they don't agree, they better learn to sell pussy in Iceland); AG is finding himself getting the big eye from perfect strangers; and ebogjonson reminds us that it's not safe to take a deep breath, not yet. Sister Toldja does not eat green bean casserole* but she and hitsville are united in asking the question:

"Really? Really, America?"

Stereogum has been killing me softly 23 hours out of every day, but AdmiralNeck needs to stop making love to the internet because I couldn't breathe after "grassassasins." Finally, to bring this thing full circle, qwantz illustrates why Hoova should be careful that she has everyone's email addresses typed correctly when she sends out baby photos.

super seekrit awesome prize for my many fans
Jugo and Jeff
It's not a good picture of either of us, but kiss my ass, bitches. Jeff is that fire in person, trust.

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Admiral Neck said...

How is it that Jeff "Man Who Was Once A Fly" Goldblum could be in London as long as he was while doing Speed The Plow, and I didn't get to see him even once? Well, I guess I wasn't stalking him, so...

What am I doing? Envying the Goldblum fan around here, and preparing for transatlantic trips, Kung Fu Panda, and Wanted. And watching lots of episodes of The Shield, which automatically entails being in awe of CCH Pounder.