Thursday, April 10, 2008

Look Me Over

A few weeks ago, I asked you to comment on your personal deal-breakers, and many of you* came out in strong support of my Steely Dan fatwa. Family, today I want to starta discussion on deal-sealers. And I do this with full awareness that just today, wiser souls than I** expressed gratitude that blogging doesn't mean just online journalling. Well, I got nothing else for you. Supplies are running low here at Get Down HQ.

Come to think of it, I don't have many deal-sealers, because I hate people. In fact, I can only think of one: tattoos. Bonus for text over images. Super super bonus for placement on the neck.

* and when I say "many of you," I want you to know, non-commenters, that I am tracking your shady tails via sitemeter and you are not fooling anyone.

**Sweeeeeeeeeeet Christ. I'm on some kind of shout out roll, Get Down family! First Mark Lamarr, now the Professor. Which reminds me: I no longer remember if I found his site through afrogeeks or through a google search on The Prisoner, but I was yapping at JoMo once about how not enough people are talking about The Prisoner, dammit, and I said that I had found some dude in SF who did, and that he was also a professor with a passion for drumming and so he should check him out and Mowitt was like, "I already know who that dude is, trick," thus reminding me that it is indeed a small world after all. And while we're on the topic of small worlds, let me cop to being a little nervous about commenting on his blog because I am still convinced that all UK-expats convene periodically to debrief and I don't want anyone letting Cuthbert know that I am still alive and kicking dirt.


Admiral Neck said...

Deal sealer number one with a bullet: Loving Whedon. If you get his humour, and are moved to horrible tears by his evil and brilliant manipulation of the audience, deal is sealed 100%. See also Lost (though not necessarily Alias, especially after the second season finale).

Zach said...

An Aussie, Scottish or Irish accent is a deal sealer, almost without fail.