Friday, April 11, 2008

Kitchen Ass Musings

I miss smoking so very much.

I saw a dude crossing the street this morning; he was taking a smooth, leisurely drag of a delicious looking cigarette, and I promise you, I almost jumped out the window of the bus and wrestled him to the ground.

In other news, I bought an amazing pair of low-slung, looooooooong, wide-leg jeans and I am wearing them today (because Casual Friday is all I have left). But because I only do laundry once every galactic cycle, I don't have any normal human-sized underwear. So I am sliding around in a truly colossal pair of bright purple draws -- draws which are not so much peeking out of the top of my pants but rather, making a desperate bid for freedom. I look like a fucking asylum patient trying to blend in with the general public.

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