Sunday, April 06, 2008

Everything I Do Gon' Be Funky (From Now On, Bitches)

Hot damn!

Remember in my last post -- which I wrote five minutes ago -- when I said that I was listening to Claudia Linnear sing a Lee Dorsey track? Well, I neglected to mention that I was listening to Mark Lamarr's God's Jukebox show (YES, EVEN THOUGH HE DISSED MY ASS ON HIS SHOW TWO SHORT WEEKS AGO) and then, peoples! He played a song for me and thanked me for it and just generally reassured me that, you know, he's still cool with being my baby daddy.

The song was "I Really, Really Care" by The Alan Bown Set.

I should probably set up a blog specifically to deal with my Mark Lamarr issues, shouldn't I?

Yeah, right. On your bike, son. The Get Down is all about my issues. Every single ridiculous, insane, bizarre, Lamarr-inflected one of them.


Admiral Neck said...

It sounded almost like love! Except that he kept referring to you as the ninth listener, like you were Eliot Spitzer or something.

Just so you know, I'm still keeping an eye out for him, just to steal a lock of his hair for you. If he still has any grabbable hair, that is.

Adams said...

It did almost sound like love, didn't it? Even the part where he indicated that he's not sure whether I'm girl or not. He was kidding, by the way. He knows I'm all woman.

As for that hair comment -- don't make me fight you, Neck.