Thursday, March 13, 2008

What I Meant Was

To clarify: I embedded (a delightfully apt word given the source material) that video of A Streetcar Named Desire because in this Tennessee Williams play that I call my life, D plays the role of Stanley Kowalski, I play Stella, and the part of tormented Blanche Dubois represents everything in his life that D doesn't understand -- which is to say, 90% of everything.* I think that part of the reason I enjoyed Songs My Mother Taught Me is because of the maddening resonances between my boy and a figure like Brando...and a character like Stanley, whom Brando was born to play. Which is to say, D often behaves exactly as Stanley Kowalski does: that is he is absolutely magnetic but also --occasionally, dangerously** -- monstrous. And unintentionally hilarious.

They are both very physical men, too. In fact, D's current job*** is quite a bit more physical than his last, and the amount of muscle he has accrued makes him resemble MB here. I don't know. It's weird. I tripped hard the first time I saw this movie.

* like why food needs to be refrigerated
*not literally, physically dangerous, so save the emails
** he's a welder by trade

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