Monday, March 03, 2008

File It Under Raw Emotion

Elder statesmen of The Get Down will remember how I geeked out when Monsieur Lamarr ["The Lake Street Get Down: Mark It Down"] waxed lyrical over my LL Cool J/ Sam Cooke requests on one his BBC2 shows shows back in 2005. I flew off that for months, family. For months. Well, shiver me timbers: two and a half years later, ML addresses another one of my requests, but only to mock it. The bit I'm talking about comes about 50 minutes in* (click on the "listen again" link. I don't get a shout out by name this time, but it's my Sister Rosetta Tharpe request that he's dissing!

*it's right before he plays Nina Simone

ETA: LL Cool J haunts both shows, weirdly enough.

Also, as promised, I'm taking that picture of Boy George down. His red-rimmed eyes were giving me the jinks.

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