Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What the Hell? No, Seriously

Hey, remember that nonsensical note-to-self I mentioned in the last post - the one that read "poster abt. roommates -- guerrilla warfare& hydration"? I just found that written on another piece of paper. I have no idea what it means or why I would have chosen to scribble it on two [possibly more] pieces of paper.

Other things I have found in old notebooks today: a list of horrible sounding shots that Julie and I came up with sometime in 2003. This list is written on a Cookie Monster scratch pad, if that helps any with the mise-en-scene.

Shots, Which to Julie and Me, Sound As Gross or Grosser Than The "Blowjob" Shot, Which is Actually Surprisingly Tasty, Which Poorly Prepares Any Potential Nineteen Year Olds Who Have Not Actually Performed One Yet, Not To Mention Any Names

The Messy Toddler
The Dog Dish
The Deviled Egg
The Overnight Bag
The Green Bean Casserole
The Kimchee Kicker
The Threadbare Carpet
The Nasty Surprise
The Insufficient Funds/The Bounced Check
Red. No. 5
The Carnival Sideshow
The Stunt Double
The Teenage Babysitter
The Comptroller
The Bong Water
The Blood Drive
The Battle of the Bulge

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