Monday, January 14, 2008

This Post Ain't Shit

Astute readers will know that I installed sitemeter functionality to this blog about a month ago. I was not interested in busting anybody out; but I was curious to know if more than three people were reading this here blog. The answer is a resounding "no," if by "reading" you mean, you know, actually reading. I get the occasional visitor (see this week's poll at right), but these people usually stay only long enough to determine that there's nothing of use here. I will get the random drop in from people in Bulgaria or Glasgow or Bumbleclatch and that's always cool to see, even though said e-tourists usually swing through here because of some image link (oddly, the most popular image referrals are the picture of baby teeth that I posted during my dental odyssey and that picture of Robson Green I posted when I was all about Wire in the Blood). But those people never come back. How sad. The Get Down is for everyone! The Get Down is love.

Anyway, if I do have readers -- I mean, apart from the three or four of you I have harassed into engaging with me on a regular basis (again, see poll to the right) -- why not take this opportunity to de-lurk? Is there anyone out there? Is there? Hello?


Electric Mayhem said...


(insert "Spartacus" voice)

Adams said...
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Admiral Neck said...

Dammit, I missed the poll. I read your blog! Consider that a vote in your poll.

As for Sitemeter, I'm currently staring at it in horror. Having taken a large hatchet to the disaster that is BBC's Torchwood, someone just linked to my post on a Doctor Who forum, and I'm getting a lot of hits. From her comment on the post, I don't think I've made any friends by pointing out what was wrong with the show (i.e. everything). I cannot stop hitting refresh. Sitemeter is the devil.