Saturday, January 19, 2008

PBS: One Nap at a Time

When it comes to food I'll probably never make, I've been loving the stuff Claus Meyer makes on New Scandinavian Cooking. His stuff looks amazing, and apparently he's largely the one responsible for the Nordic Cuisine movement going on in Denmark right now. But I mainly just watch his show because I'm impressed with his command of idiomatic English.

And moving briskly through the first month of 2008, I can say that I remain horrified and compelled by nutsy ass Rick Bayless. I thought that I had this guy figured out...but I don't, and that disturbs me. I am always a little suspicious of people whose facial hair is white while the hair on their heads remains dark. Also, he has a really soft voice and very dark eyes and...I don't know. He looks evil to me.
As soon as I finish my yoga,I'm going to make sausage out of your intestines

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