Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm On Fire

I had my picture up on my profile for a couple of days, and it was freaking me the eff out. I'd go back to Hammer, but I want to give you street hoes a little bit of a break. Like the man himself, I took it to heart when I heard the voice of my people crying in the wilderness, "please Jugo -- don't hurt 'em."

So I'm switching it up for the AughtEight, my friends. I comment on a fair number of blogs [actually, that's not true. I comment on four, five sites, tops. It would be more, but Bruns and Broccoli have gone on to their great rewards or something] and I like to have a spotless li'l photo to accompany my words of wisdom. So help me choose one. I wanted to use that a-mazing one of Christopher Hitchens in the shower looking like an angry smoking biscuit, but I knew that the sight of it would cause AdmiralNeck to log off the internet for the rest of life.

<--Aunt Esther

Charlie Watts -->

Eartha Kitt-->

W.E.B. DuBois*-->


*and yes, Virginia, it actually is pronounced "DuBOYCE." Trust me. You are not being clever by letting my know you took three years of high school French.


Electric Mayhem said...

Hey - I've blogged recently! It's Bruns that's resting on the laurels of his 'can-can' creation for MONTHS. Coming soon in the world of Electricity? How glad I am to live West, like, way West, where I don't need a coat to leave my house. The only thing that would make me warmer is the tres chaud Tony B. By the way, I'm almost done with KC, so we'll need to be chatting about that soon.

And I vote Aunt Ester. And the Punching your weight title.

Admiral Neck said...

Can we have Lando flying the Falcon into Christopher Hitchens' ego and blowing it up from the inside, with Nien Numb laughing alongside him? (Hitchens was interviewed in the AV Club and the one or two funny and astute things he said were submerged under his usual snide and superior attitude. Just say no!)

thptpth said...

Lando! Lando!