Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Look At Me

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Problematic, but utterly predictable: I'm so in love with Malcom Gladwell I want to put on a dress made of curtains and run through the Swiss Alps.

I just read a review of his work which calls it engaging but over-simplified. I don't know if I agree with the latter characterization, but regardless, I couldn't care less. If it were true, it wouldn't bother me a bit; I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not nearly as smart as I thought I was. Quite frankly, I'm sick of feeling stupid. Over-simplified? Keep simplifying and then send it my way. I tell you honestly, family: the sheer weight of things that astound and mystify me on a daily basis should be a cause for concern.

That's all immaterial, of course, as it doesn't account for why I suddenly want to just scoop this man up and carry him around in my pocket and occasionally take him out so that we can make big, nappy-headed babies.


thptpth said...

It's like we're the same person, Broccoli. I, too, am in love with the 'fro, and I've read Blink and The Tipping Point and found them both to be the exact right combo of smart and just-dumb-enough.

Adams said...

I do not need the competition during this [entirely in my own head] flirtation. Back down, Hoov.

Zach said...

I can always count on you to broaden my horizons.

Adams said...

Am I going to have to fight you, too?!

Dammit! First it was Broccoli with Tony Bourdain. Then it was Hoov muscling in on my [other] skinny lover.

Do not fall in love with Malcolm Gladwell! Do you hear me?!

thptpth said...

How can you NOT fall in love with the 'fro?

I wake up looking like that every day and spend hours (okay, minutes...I just don't care that much) trying to mold my hair into something acceptable for society.

And he...he just takes that hair out into the world and says, "Fuck it! This is my hair! Love it or leave it!"

That's awesome.

Adams said...

If you were to read Gawker, you'd think that Gladwell's hair has magical irritant properties. It drives people crazy. There's a noticeable undercurrent of casual racism in the "jokes" about his choice of hairstyle.

WhatI want to know is, just what exactly is it about the 'fro that seems so transgressive? Where do we get this notion that curly hair -- and particular, kinky/curly/black hair -- needs to changed and molded to make it acceptable to society? Just what about it is unacceptable to society? The height? The thickness? The texture? Come on -- we all know it's the texture.

This is not a statement -- this is black hair in its natural state! And I would hasten to add that what my babydaddy, Mr. Malcolm Gladwell, has is by no means an afro. His hair is relatively thin and the texture is a fairly loose 2 or even 1a, I'd bet. In fact, Hoov, I think that you are right when you note that your hair is very similar. Gladwell is mixed-race and his well-defined curls are evidence of that. What Gladwell has got used to be called a "mop." That ain't no afro. It's gorgeous and sexy and I want to gather it into two puffy balls on the sides of his head -- but it ain't no afro.