Saturday, December 15, 2007

And Speaking of Fandom

Of interest to perhaps three readers, tops --

Ok, this is why I love it when I am able to trick folks into visiting
The Get Down. Tempest, provacatrix behind the conversation about POC in fantasy I linked to two posts ago commented here and reminded me -- via my extensive cyber-jaunt through her site[s] about Orbital 2008, which Lawd knows I'm mixing my very best rootboxes to try to attend. Of course, your man, China, is one of the featured guests. I just posted on a bb I frequent that his hot socialist ass is still my nemesis, holding strong through 2007 and looking good for the new year. But! I forgot that Neil Gaiman is also going to be blockrocking beats at the Radisson Heathrow next year! Even though I've never clapped eyes on the man , he lives in/near Minneapolis, so the prospect of travelling to London to gladhand him is not firing me up -- not when I feel as if I just spend enough time hanging around the Triple Rock he might show up. Unlikely? Hell yes. But come on. An old punk is still a punk, right? Anyway -- and you better still be with me, hoes -- a quick detour through Gaimania reminded me that I was also kicking around the idea of finally trying to get to Clarion this year. Unlikely? Hell yes. But 2008* is the year for big pimpin and spending cheese, family. Let's all agree to dream big, shall we?

Right. So, where was I?

Right! Triple Rock, Clarion, and then...dang...

Dang. I've forgotten how or why I hyperlinked there, but I ended up at Moorcock's Miscellany, which is where I learned the thing that made me start this post 40 damn minutes ago: there is going to be an Elric of Melnibone movie. Gatdamn. Did everyone else already know about this? And if you did, why didn't you tell me?


Admiral Neck said...

Elric movie? For serious? There is no studio on this planet with the cohones to do that story justice. You know we're going to be crying in a couple of years when Paul Walker, as Elric, strides heroically through the land, devoid of moral depth and with his sword tamed.

Or am I being too negative?

Adams said...

Ah, but what if tell you that Paul Bettany is currently the frontrunner to play the Eternal Champion? Does that help? No?

Admiral Neck said...

That helps a big lot, actually. Now all we need is Chris Cunningham directing and we're sweet. (Don't know why I chose him. Perhaps because everyone in his videos has an unhealthy pallor. Plus, I'm tired.)