Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This Is What a Writer Does

I remember having a conversation with a fellow writer friend of mine a long time ago about the exigencies of writing those 75 min Skinem.ax/ Playb.oy Channel erotic thrillers. He was telling me that there are rules for the minimum number of sex scenes, and the maximum amount of pages that can elapse in a script before more banging takes place; that these are hard and fast rules that are never, ever deviated from shocked me at the time.

You probably didn't know that I have a nascent career writing erotica, did you kids? Rest assured, it's just a way to make money, not satisfy my soul. But having said that, there's something a little surreal about the post-its dotting my laptop that say things like "you still need an an.al, rev.erse cowgi.rl, and MMFer in this story before you can send it out. REMEMBER."

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