Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How You Gonna

Broc has gently reminded me that I forgot to let the family know that I also spotted Tyrese on Friday. If you know him, it will be from the films 2 Fast 2 Furious or Baby Boy, or possibly from his recording career.

If you are as old as I am, you will remember his Coke commercial (you know, the one where he sat crooning to himself on a city bus? And everyone was supposed to think, "who is that talented and gorgeous young man??" But as an actual, bonafide, in-the-flesh city bus-taker, I was thinking, "I would have hit that fool with the back of a textbook. Go busk somewhere else, Pretty."). Anyway, eventually I, too, fell under the spell of that dark Adonis...until I read this past year about his allegedly beating up on his pregnant girlfriend. Not a good look, Tyrese. What was a good look, however, was the limo he was being driven around in on Friday night. What the hell kind of work is Tyrese getting* these days that he rates a limo?

* Don't say it

Edit: Our waiter at The Newsroom looked just like Neil Sims, erstwhile Catherine Wheel drummer and currently one half of 50ft Monster. I can't find a decent picture to illustrate this, and that's fucking with my caffein-a-phoria this morning. Nevertheless, I thought you should know.

Edit two times: Video for "Sparks Are Gonna Fly." I always liked this song: the repetitive drive of the guitars and drum loop reminds me of what being on cocaine was like.


Anonymous said...

Hey you! Glad to know you're seeing some stars out there--when Todd and I were there all we saw was Jerry Mathers. . . . . .

Miss you out here!
Farm Girl

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, I know Tyrese isn't a role model...but damn girl, thanks for posting that picture. It puts me in a special place. I've got no shame and you know it.