Monday, November 12, 2007

Forget that Other Post

...and surrender to this one. I'm not really interested in the handwringing going on regarding the casting for J J Abrams' Star Trek project. Frankly, that movie could be headlined by Vivica A. Fox and Rob Schneider and I would still go see it. Nevertheless, I recognize that there are lot of people for whom all of the speculation about the new Spock and Kirk matters; to those people, I say: go draw a bad Spock. It will make you feel better. So much, much better.

The rules for submission are simple:

1. Hackneyed, maybe you were drunk when you drew it
2. Totally Punk Rock, you should actual break your pen when drawing it
3. Ham fisted, as if you had not understanding of form
4. Half Baked, the dumber Spock looks the better
5. Sloppy, as if a chimp with metal hooks for hands dipped them in ink
7. Don't let your ability to draw (or lack there of) get in the way of drawing Bad Spocks!
8. Not Spock with a beard that is Evil Spock from the Dark Mirror Universe!
9. What happen to Number 6?
10. If you don't like Star Trek all the better!

This post courtesy of the blogroll over at Spock Jones' site.

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