Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When I Was 15

I fell totally in 15-year old style love with one of the program coordinators at the Wyoming High School Institute. Oh my goodness. I was in serious, serious love for 3 whole weeks! I will not use this dude's name here, but anyone who knows me -- or who also attended HS Institute *ahemZachandCaroline* -- will know who this person is.

I don't know what made me remember that this morning, so let's just file that reminiscence under "Wack Wednesday" and keep it moving, shall we?

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Zach said...

Ahh yes. I can't remember his name (memory is hole-y like swiss cheese, y'all), but I can remember his face. And I'll attest that he was totally crush-worthy.

How's the freakout progressing? I will totally attempt to talk you down from any ledges you may find yourself on, but I suspect you won't need it. You've made the decision to leap, you're walking down the plank, and there's a big pool of deep water to keep you from injury, even if you flail into a big ol' dramatic bellyflop. That sting fades.

It'll all work out. We're all cheering you on. And admiring your courage! And mixing our metaphors!