Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let the Record Show

Damn, fam! I forgot all about this!

One of my very, very, very good friends, BLC called me up early one morning (and I mean errrrrrrrly) to come down and watch one of his friends shoot a music video. This turned out to be great, because I was going to be talking about queer hip hop ( shout out to all the heads in the homorevolution) in class not long after, and because I would up being in the video. Hello. Check it: it was way too early in the morning; I was still wearing my glasses and my headwrap; I was dancing like I came from that town in Footloose and this was my very first motherflucking time moving my bodyu. Sorry about that. Anyway, this video is notable for the presence of a) Ramon, who is funny/salty as hell and also used to work at Macalester; and b) those Playgirl twins (I'm not bothering to google their names. Suffice it to say that it was a trip having them there, not least because one of them brought his "girlfriend" -- yeah, right, bro -- and was seemingly not feeling the whole queers-of-color vibe. His twin, on the other hand, was jocking the [professional] dancer you see in the video fiercely. He was cool). Anyway, you can barely see me in this, but do your best anyway.


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