Monday, October 01, 2007

You've Got to Shoot Straight

Lake Streeters...this be madness. I am leaving for L.A. in little more than a week; and I am so completely, utterly, criminally underprepared. How much longer can I go on fooling myself? How many more times will I pull this kind of crackhead maneuver, the life choice equivalent of licking a finger, testing the wind, and then jumping off a cliff?

I'm moving to L.A. in little more than a week, and I am not ready.

I mean, I'm ready. But I'm not ready? Yah say?

Don't be surprised if posts in the foreseeable future come courtesy of The Let Down, family.

Anyway, applying for tenure track gigs in the LACCD...fingers crossed, please.

*images will continue to spring from Blade Runner as long as I feel like it*


Electric Mayhem said...

Broc, I can't help you pack or help you drive out, but I'm the best LA resource possible. Whatever questions you may have or quandries you foresee, use me. Don't be a silly goose. And I'm excited to have you join in the West Coast Crazy. I can't wait to introduce you to some awesome people and places.

PS - I might have leads on a place to live in the Valley and a coffeehouse job (for short-term money), both via my friend Ryan, if need be.

Adams said...

Every time I try to perfect my "ice, ice baby" persona, one of you hoes comes by and cracks my armor. Sweet merciful Jesus. I just started tearing up, Broc. You're perfectly lovely, and don't have any illusions -- I'M USING YOU LIKE DUCT TAPE, BABY...for everything, you dig? For everything.

Electric Mayhem said...

Your blog seems to be the best place to communicate with you.

I talked to Ryan and of course, he filled the spot in his house. Do you want me to put the word out to friends to see if anyone else is looking for a roommate?

You should check out Santa Monica College, too. Their web site is screwy, but here it is:

Doesn't look like there's anything full time, but part time looks like a possibility.

There's also USC, UCLA, Occidental, Loyola Marymount, etc.