Monday, September 24, 2007

Prudence Peepers asks, "Who's that making that nasty noise?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usRussian Viggo says "dis muthafucka right here..."

I sold my soul to David Cronenberg for Dead Ringers. You might think that I would have given it for The Fly, but I didn't see that until I moved to Japan years later. But I do thank Mr. Cronenberg for instigating what has become a 15 year lust thing for Jeff Goldblum. Thanks for nothing, David!

I made Brigitte go see the latest Cronenberg flick with me, and family... Please! Go! See! This! Movie!

This recommendation is primarily for Orlando, Fergus, and Special Agent Chen. Orlando, because he was the first person to whom I expressed [what turned out to be ill-founded and mistaken] dismay about Viggo Mortensen's encroaching decrepitude (to the point that I started referring to Eastern Promises as Viggo Mortensen: The Oldening); Fergus, because 'Go is straight up killing it in those suits in this picture and so Fergus needs to step his tailor game up; and Chen because she likes a crackhead movie review [by the by, my crackhead review of this year's RenFest will be along as soon as I upload the (few) photos I took].

This film gets 4 bitchcakes out of 5, people.
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It would have gotten the full monty, but Naomi Watts was wasted in this. Her part could have been played by anyone. I defy you to say that about any of the other principals, though.

Now go see this movie before I press your face in cookie dough and make gorilla cookies, sucka.

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