Thursday, August 02, 2007


  • holy crap! i-35 bridge in minneapolis collapsed into mississippi
  • lord JESUS
  • r u ok
  • Mary AND Joseph
  • R u ok?
  • I'm fine and on solid ground
  • hey cuz, I am just checking on you. My mom and sis Lori told me about the bridge collapsing and I wanted to make sure you were not hurt. Let me know something
  • I'm fine and safe and thanking God. I drive that bridge every day
  • r u ok?
  • I'm cool, boo.
  • thx 4 note. shldnt ty phone line but I am worryer. L, mb & da
  • r u ok?
  • yes, sitting here at doty hall with joe
  • marie & fergus good, too
  • This is kristen. You ok?
  • We're ok. Everyone is ok. But its bad. We were down there. Sash helped.
  • See you tomorrow

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Zach said...

SO glad/relieved you are ok! Was worried this morning when I heard the news. My thoughts are with y'all and hoping everyone else is ok too.

thptpth said...

Good, good, good. Glad you're okay. Saw CNN this morning and went, "Holy shit! Ebony!" Very, very scary and awful. Will keep you in my thoughts.