Monday, August 06, 2007


Today -- and everyday, really -- I am laughing at Pop!Justice, which is a brilliant British music site. I don't know how I've missed Dumper's "collums," but they are straight killing me.

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Heya I'm DUMPER and I love pop music, it is GENIOOUS, i buy pop music by Scooch and I love BCascada, I waned to see Cascasasa at GAY but they didnt' let me in evern though I am old enough, \:)(;;LOL

So Ive got a collum on Pop justice, I can write watever IU want in it, about pop msuci,I will write a columm probahly once a week, my faovrite xtuff to write about is pop music which is not as popular as it should be!! ! I t gets me excited, sometime's my cerciuts overheat and my eyes flash on and off wen a pop song is not a hit, I do not know why I wish it would stop :( :(

if you wan be my friend ADD ME on mYSpace, my page is cos I am Dumper!! Would be nice to meet you!

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