Monday, August 06, 2007


Today -- and everyday, really -- I am laughing at Pop!Justice, which is a brilliant British music site. I don't know how I've missed Dumper's "collums," but they are straight killing me.

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Heya I'm DUMPER and I love pop music, it is GENIOOUS, i buy pop music by Scooch and I love BCascada, I waned to see Cascasasa at GAY but they didnt' let me in evern though I am old enough, \:)(;;LOL

So Ive got a collum on Pop justice, I can write watever IU want in it, about pop msuci,I will write a columm probahly once a week, my faovrite xtuff to write about is pop music which is not as popular as it should be!! ! I t gets me excited, sometime's my cerciuts overheat and my eyes flash on and off wen a pop song is not a hit, I do not know why I wish it would stop :( :(

if you wan be my friend ADD ME on mYSpace, my page is cos I am Dumper!! Would be nice to meet you!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Don't Even Try to Think of Something More Disturbing

Did you know that someone out there has been writing Andy Griffith fanfic? Did you?

Do you know what's infinitely more unsettling? That there's a lot of fanfic about Lazy Town out there, too. Like, a whole lot. And it's pretty much exactly what you would expect. Naaaaaaaaaaaasty.

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Ca Ne Marche Pas Comme Ca

Zut alors...regardez Harry Roselmack, mes grandes. Il faut pratiquer mon francais encore une fois.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007


  • holy crap! i-35 bridge in minneapolis collapsed into mississippi
  • lord JESUS
  • r u ok
  • Mary AND Joseph
  • R u ok?
  • I'm fine and on solid ground
  • hey cuz, I am just checking on you. My mom and sis Lori told me about the bridge collapsing and I wanted to make sure you were not hurt. Let me know something
  • I'm fine and safe and thanking God. I drive that bridge every day
  • r u ok?
  • I'm cool, boo.
  • thx 4 note. shldnt ty phone line but I am worryer. L, mb & da
  • r u ok?
  • yes, sitting here at doty hall with joe
  • marie & fergus good, too
  • This is kristen. You ok?
  • We're ok. Everyone is ok. But its bad. We were down there. Sash helped.
  • See you tomorrow

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