Friday, July 20, 2007

It Takes All Kinds Of Vegetables

Outside of the themes from The Jeffersons and Good Times, this is, by far, the funkiest piece of candy from the 70s. Thank me later*.

Theme from Vegetable Soup

* I know that no one else remembers this show, but I remember 70s children's tv very well.


Jimmy Gaines said...

What about Sanford and Son?

Now tell me that isn't funky...

Adams said...

Damn, you gonna point out my mistakes like that? Readers, take note: the theme from Sanford and Son is also the fire.

Jimmy Gaines: telling the people what they need to know.

Oh, and update your spot more often, ho --

miel y leche catering said...

i thought i made the show up!!!! i LOVED it!

Zach said...

I absolutely remember that intro, weirdly, though have no recollection whatsoever of the program itself. But for your proof of its existence, I thought I'd dreamt it up like the "Don't Drown Your Salad" PSI.