Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why is This Show Always On?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI got no problem with this show*

...but seriously: why is it on 47 times a gatdamn day on every gatdamn channel? None of the people on this show is as funny as I'm apparently supposed to find them. God save me from "quirky" comedy. I'm sick of talking-to-the-camera; I'm sick of mugging-for-the-viewers; I'm sick of archmetaselfreferential bullshit that screams "Aren't!We!Clever!" because, you're not.

*obviously I do


Electric Mayhem said...

I agree. And everytime I see Zach Brafffffffff anywhere (and he is EVERYwhere), I want to punch him in the face. What self-respecting woman would actually want to date that whiney loser?

Zach said...

Um... I think I would.
But I've only ever seen one thing he was in, and it wasn't Scrubs. And I actually couldn't because what sort of couple would Zach & Zach be?

thptpth said...

Oh, c'mon, my neighbors are Victor and Victoria, and they're married!

(And I agree, Rose, he's insipid.)

Electric Mayhem said...

Joy - are your neighbors cross dressers as well? Do they sign their Christmas cards "Victor/Victoria"?