Monday, April 02, 2007

This is Why I'm Hot; This is Why I'm Not

While once again trying to be slick this weekend -- this time in the company of some dear friends I hadn't seen since day dot -- I was all like, "yeah, come check out my blogs! Ha ha ha, oh, the treasures you'll see!" I was conveniently forgetting that this space (and The Let Down, and Ambition Adams, and Ebony is the New Black get the point: I have a couple of wordpress blogs, a vox blog...) is merely the dumping ground for hastily-penned, marginally-proofread, poorly-conceived screeds on nothing in particular. In other words: keep it moving, homies! Nothing to see here.

But just so that you can say you haven't wasted your time, I offer to Ang, Matt, Ben, Mines, Sulit and Meldog (who was there in spirit) the following piece of instant nostalgia:

Is it the extra long shorts?!

You Can't Cover Mars Blackmon

Goodbye, Mars!

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Electric Mayhem said...

Aww, I love these. Good ol Spike.