Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sometimes It Be's That Way

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What's live, blogger family? Greetings, shouts-out, props, and daps to all those who've been sneaking this way over the past few weeks. I know that I faked your asses out but good with my mini-posting burst, but the fact is that I can't be counted on to maintain that kind of productivity on a daily basis, family. What am I, a writer? Fuck that.

News you can use:

Although I haven't been paid for donkey at [name redacted] this year, there are the occasional benefits that partially alleviate the bone-crushing malaise of this genteel poverty. For example: the opportunity to meet and talk with some people I normally wouldn't have access to (Walter Mosley, Spike Lee, Cherrie Moraga, Robin D.G. Kelley, Bobby Hill...granted, some of those people might only be interesting to you if you are an American Studies head like me, but whatever. For the record, Bobby Hill was absolutely charming, and I want to carry him around in my pocket. Unfortunately, I had lunch with him about 4 days after my wisdom teeth surgery, and I was not only swole up like a heffa-lump, I was a bit too intimidated to make conversation. I guarantee you that if Professor Hill has any memory of me whatsoever, it's of an oddly shaped half-wit).

Anyway, while one of the departments for whom I toil (American Studies) is substantially over budget this year, the other (Department of Multicultural Life) is not. Membership has its privileges, bitches. There's quite a bit of money left over for travel and professional development; so, without having to come up with a proposal/justify expenditures/suffer through endless meetings, I'm definitely getting to go on one subsidized jaunt (San Francisco )with the possibility for another (Santa Fe). So, if any of you lurkers, known or unknown, want to hook up with the Jugo Naturale this summer, make your presence known! Get your tickets for the Live the Dream Comeback Tour while they are still cheap.

Apart from that, not much is happening. Not for me, anyway. Those of you who know my friend O (for whom I had the internet community send up good vibes in the tail end of this post over at The Let Down, will be happy to know that, one year later, he is back on his game. He's got a new ladeeeeeeee, and is getting broke off proper. His last girlfriend continues to walk the streets unmolested, but only because she lives 1500 miles from me. Let the record show [/Claire Huxtable]
Image Hosted by that that bitch is on notice. If I ever see that dollar store Melanie Brown (Mel B, although I am very happy for you in your current relationship, part of me remains saddened that you and O never dated), I am going to put that bitch in the ground. Trust.

If I had one of those cool "This is me and this is what I am doing" meme things that thptpth has on her site, it would tell you that I am madly consuming Love and Rockets (the comic books, not the band), The Venture Brothers, and for some reason, quarts and quarts of grape juice.

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Electric Mayhem said...

You better get your MF ass here, overbudged hookah, even if only for a visit.