Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post Deleted

Post deleted.


Zach said...

You're coming up first in my Google search, but only under the Macalester American Studies page. Still no Get Down.

My favorite hit, however, was this one, under the headline Jury Finds Steele Guilty Of Murder
As a teenager, Ebony Adams aspired to be a barber, and Steele always let her try out styles on him. "He was my mannequin for 10 years," said Adams, 24.

Adams said...

I can't believe you just jammed me up like that, Bruns. What next? You gonna start talking about my meth lab?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ebony!
This is Miki and Claudia from your Art, Activism and Scholarship class. It's hilarious that we found this page since we were indeed googling your name, trying to remember what your graduate research was about. We were remembering how much we liked your class, and thought we'd find out what you're doing - just so you don't think we randomly google our professors... Anyway, hope you're doing well!

Adams said...

Oh my goodness! I want to give you guys a prize or something. I know that you two are not the first students to have found me online, but you're the first ones to cop to it.

I hope you are both doing well! You were excellent, thoughtful students -- I am no longer your professor and I don't have to lie about things like that. So you know I'm telling the truth.