Saturday, April 21, 2007

Daughters of the Dragon

That right there is Misty Knight ----------------------->
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Just in time for the onset of the summer and the summer con season, I've re-nigra-ed the look of The Get Down to let y'all know how I'll be rolling for the next couple of months. I've tentatively planned to attend 4 cons this year, and in honor of the NOC* peoples I met after the Mixed Race Conference, I wanted to find a costume that let me rock the 'fro and be sufficiently badass sexy to compel the gaze but repulse advances. I should mention here that I don't look shit like Misty Knight and I know this, which actually makes me more excited to wear some version of this outfit. Bernaise, back me up here: a slightly-too-old-for-this, chubby, bootleg Misty Knight would be hilarious, right?

I kicked around a couple other black female superheroes/comics heroes, but ultimately, Misty Knight was it. She is, quite simply, that bitch. Love her. And it doesn't hurt that her relationship with Nightwing partner Colleen Wing
Image Hosted by is reminiscient of the 1970s-style, everybody-was-kung-fu-fighting one between Mi Ling and Cleopatra Jones in Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold.

People, it always comes back to Tamara Dobson. Always.

*NOC = nerds of color

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