Saturday, January 13, 2007

It Might Be the Whiskey Making Me Smile, But...

I couldn't remember where I heard that shit about Toby (check me with the first names, now!) looking like a hot rabbi, so I decided to google it. And you'll be happy to know -- well, I was happy to know -- that The Lake Street Get Down is the number four hit if you google "Toby Ziegler + hot rabbi." If you just google "hot rabbi," you get all these angsty young Jewish women who are worried about being able to concentrate during service because they got a hot rabbi. To which I say: suck it up, ladies. At least rabbis can date. Catholic priests got no choice but a little Father Ralph De Briccasart-style action.

By the by, The Get Down is only hit #8 if you google "lazy narcissism," which makes me vibrate with rage.

Edited to add: Success! If you google "jugo naturale," The Get Down is hit #1! We're number 1! We're number 1! Eat it, everyone else.


Melbert said...

The Get Down comes in second on the "West Wing" and teeth and rabbi string, and if you add "get down" to the search, you're number one! I think it would make me go number one to be number one, Number One. Engage.
And you've got to know, Grandma, you're always number one with the O'Brownigans. PS: Guy Pearce says hello.

Adams said...

Speaking of Guy Pearce, that guy looks like he is back to dealing with that manorexia. Terrible.