Monday, December 18, 2006

No Lie!

When I was composing that last post, I couldn't remember if "surprise" was feminine or masculine in French, and I thought, I hope Alli is reading this and writes in to tell me if I should have typed "Quel surprise!" instead of "Quelle surprise!" And then my cup of coffee jumped out of my hand and punched me in the mouth for being so cotdamn ridiculous --

...okay, I gotta bust in here and say that I am still in Anodyne, which is why y'all discount motherfuckers are getting three discount posts today instead of none. And there is this dude* sitting at the back of the cafe who keeps looking at your girl -- and before you suck your teeth at my overwhelming arrogance, let me interject here and say that he is giving the side eye to everybody in here -- and then taking notes in a little notebook. Well, he was doing that for a couple of hours; he's now pulled out his iMac -- all the quicker, one imagines, to sculpt the masterpiece he is crafting from his observations of his fellow Anodyne patrons. Can I just say that I am desperate to know what he is writing over there? If that bitch goes to the bathroom, I am running across the room and stealing his notebook...

--and yet, so nostalgically random. I love that I have a vague memory of being in a 7th grade French class with someone and my brain files that under "People to turn to in case of linguistic emergency."

*confidential to Broc: you would be little Suzy for this dude, no lie. He is so your type I am losing my mind over here, working on ways to set you up with this strange man.


Electric Mayhem said...

Work it, Broc.

I love the Anodyne.

Electric Mayhem said...

And "surprise" is feminine. "Quelle" was correct.

Broc to the rescue!