Monday, December 18, 2006

Beautiful Black Christmas

My people! Somebody call me and talk me through this final 7 days before I hit 32. Damn! The dirty thirties have set in like truth, family! I guarantee you that this birthday snuck up on your girl like the Hamburglar, but I am continuing to keep it moving...because this rap game needs me. Tell 'em, Hov!

Anyway, since my Lord and I will be celebrating our respective naissances next Monday, I thought that I would let all of you know what I'm really hoping for this holiday season. That's right, everybody: I want a d*ck in a box.*

* It's like somebody gave my boyfriend a microphone and a Color Me Badd suit. Seriously. Ask Bernie. This is precisely the kind of sentiment Doug would lay on me while drinking spiked eggnog and watching holiday porn. I mean, this is the same man who sleepily rolled over and called me "Little Booby Two Shoes" one night. Bless him.


thptpth said...

That is...beyond awesome. I had no idea SNL was still putting out such quality funny. Have you seen the Mr. Show skit where they play the band "Three Times One Minus One" on the CBPC (Co-opting Black People's Culture) Network? It is very similar and highly amusing.

And I didn't realize you and The Low-ord shared a birthday, Adams. I think that says something about your eventual takeover of the world, yes?

P.S. KB calls me "Booby" all the time. He says it's short for Bubelah (even though he's not Jewish) but I know the truth. He married me for my rack.

Adams said...

I don't want to love this sketch as much as I do, because Justin Timberlake is a punkassbitch. But dang! This was amazing. Ask anyone! This video was posted on every single blog in America yesterday, I think.

Thanks for stopping by today, Booby!

thptpth said...

I didn't even realize it was Mr. Cameron Diaz at first - up until the point where he took off his glasses, I thought it was Dave Foley from Kids In The Hall.

VanDyke said...

Oh My Sweet George Harrison... I was laughing SO HARD when I saw this (without you) last weekend. Yes, Boobony, you are RIGHT.