Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Talents Are Wasted Here

Yep, kids. Once again, it's time to start packing that ol' leaving trunk. May will be here sooner than any of us realize, and with the summer's arrival comes that all-too-common urge to vacate the fucking premises. So! Your host is seeking suggestions for places that I can eventually add to the "Town Without Pity" file I've compiled over the years. Send in your recommendations and warnings, and be sure to let me know why your idea deserves further thought.

Just so you know, the shortlist currently stands at (in no particular order):

somewhere in Hawaii
somewhere in Scotland
Dar es Salaam
somewhere in Arizona/New Mexico
San Diego

Observant readers will note that one key locale is not on that list. Oh, children. How can I express my increasing fear of moving to L.A.? As much as I want to go and fall face first into a pool of hookers and blow, part of me is looking to go somewhere completely new, where I don't know anyone. You know how I roll. Always making it harder on myself than it needs to be.


Electric Mayhem said...

I just sent you a more specific email about this...

Hawaii - expensive
Toronto - visa issues
Possibly the same with Denmark, Spain & Scotland.

AZ/NM blow

Chicago - cold

SD - very gentrified

I swear I'm not trying to sway you this direction, and I do have your best interests at heart.

jkm said...


VanDyke said...


Anonymous said...

You aren't giving us enough criteria to judge by.

What do you want to DO in the next place you live? What are you trying to accomplish, if anything?

Do you just want to live somewhere to experience that place? Do you want to move to France like David Sedaris and sponge off your boyfriend and not learn the language because it makes for better stories that way?

Or is there some Grand Master Plan of World Domination somewhere in your brainpan that would be well acquitted by one (or more) particular locales?

You must ask yourself that question and report back to us.

Only then can we help you decide, Grasshopper.

(Yikes, my "I swear I'm not a spammer, Blogger" word verification thingee was "kvdebt." It really IS like Blogger knows me!)

Adams said...

Peoples, I am easy like Sunday morning. There's nothing I'm looking for, and nothing I can't do without.

Hey! Remember my Swedish student, the one who was driving me crazy? No, the other one! I got, like, 17 of them humorless fucks in my class this term (kidding, Britta! Love ya long time!). Anyway, the one who was driving me the ka-raziest got over whatever shit was making him bug out in every class session, and now I'm back to loving everyone. So, in honor of Henrik getting his shit together, I'm adding Stockholm to the list and removing the fatwa on Scandinavians I'd decreed last week. It is written!

Electric Mayhem said...

The Hendricksons appreciate this.

Adams said...

I was always cool with the Hendricksons.

thptpth said...

That's trippy. My earlier comment came up as "anonymous" even though I was logged in as me.

I blame the government.

Zachary said...

I now officially support somewhere Hawaii. Having only just visited the Big Island, I can't speak to Honolulu, Wailuku, or Lihue on the others. But man-oh-man could I up and move there (or visit you often if you did). I met people who had done just that (from CA, from NY, from the Midwest, from Brazil [oh blue-eyed Paulo...], and are perfectly content to run a B&B, guide kayak trips, or even just work at Wal-mart or Alamo Rent-a-car... cuz, you know, they live in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Toronto. I've always wanted to visit there, then I can stay with you for free. But I'd have to be able to get ahold of you...which is nearly impossible....
I'd say Chicago so you can find me a man there....or...Barcelona. I don't recommend Copenhagen...I dislike the stinkin' Dutch.