Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sensei, I Come Seeking Answers

Why did it take this long for the rest of America to realize that Mel Gibson is loco caliente? Right around The Passion of the Christ I started to suspect that all was not right beyond the Thunderdome, and now his sugar-titted crazy is on display for the world to see. Delicious. Seriously, y'all: look at that picture. That's some Tom DeLay mugging right there.

Why am I suddenly in love [again] with Busta Rhymes? It must be that "I Love My Chick" video, because you know that Gabrielle Union is my nemesis! Kidding! I love that chick, too, Busta!
I'm feeling all warm for Mr. Rhymes right now. The explanation has everything to do with those tats, I believe. Dudes with tattoos are my kryptonite.

Why was I so concerned about whether Tony Bourdain got out of Beirut safely? I don't know this cat, and I don't even watch his show that regularly! I just feel so protective of fellow smokers. Even though I don't smoke anymore, people like Bourdain who are unabashed nic-fiends are my heroes. I couldn't care less about his culinary skills.


Electric Mayhem said...

Dude, could Gabielle Union be more hot? I don't think it's possible.

zach said...

By the by, Anthony Bourdain's show on Beirut airs Monday 8/21 at 10pm ET/PT on the Travel Channel.

(My verification word this time is "swngnpkg" which made me giggle)