Monday, August 07, 2006

Juggler's Blues

I'm updating today for no other reason than that I am stuck (well, stuck isn't really the word, as I could leave, technically. But I'm just too lazy right now. I am about 1 block away from where I need to be for an appointment with my new landlord at 730 pm, and I don't feel like going anywhere, even though I'm bored, bored, bored) here in my office and the early-evening heat is making me fucking delirious and I.Can't.Move.

So, anyway...

I'm chilling in the first of my two new offices (two positions this term = two separate offices) and feeling vaguely hopeful about the next few months. I've managed to secure employment, housing, and a steady caffeine source, so things for the academic year 2006-2007 should be golden. Still no luck on the transportation front, however. I'm looking into getting one of these:a Yaris. Any of y'all reading this have any experience with these bad boys? For 11K, I'm not expecting foot massages and big crack rocks, but I don't want to be rolling around in a jackass roller skate, either.

Things on the writing front are progressing nicely, as I've got two pahdnahs keeping me motivated. In this corner: Stone Cold, who is working on a killer screenplay of his own, despite his crippling mental deficiencies! In this corner, T-bone, who is about to make me famous with her proximity to greatness! Both of them can play the Crockett to my Tubbs any day.

Oh yeah, I saw Miami Vice. It was all right. Really. But in that patented Michael Mann half-light, I kept mistaking Colin Farrell for Tim McGraw. In fact, at several points in that movie I felt as if I was watching Tim McGraw and Eddie Murphy in [I Feel Like I've Been Watching This Movie For] 48 Hours.

I also saw Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Ok, when Will Ferrell (hmmmm -- looks like it was an "all Farrell/Ferrell" movie weekend for me) starts praying to the "little baby Jesus, because he likes that Jesus better"? I fell out. So good.

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Electric Mayhem said...

I AM greatness, and you're in close proximity to me, though we'd be closer if I was in your Top 8.