Monday, May 15, 2006

Doctor WHO

Uh, yeah.

So, I defended on Thursday. I don't want to hear any crap from you bitches about how I should have posted news to that effect IMMEDIATEDAMNLY, because I was in shock for all of Thursday afternoon, was busy all day Friday (partially with graduation, where I saw my peoples getting hooded and degreed and ...accoladed and shit, and on Saturday/Sunday I was too busy introducing my ass to the couch to give a tinker's damn about posting. And you know what, y'all? I've got an imprimatur of authority and a chalice of gravitas just ready for your ass, so whatever. I'm a doctor now -- well, I'm someone with a PhD, but I won't be referring to myself as a doctor* because it sets up needless confusion when I have to explain that I don't have a medical degree and so all of those prescriptions I wrote are worthless -- and I can update my blog whenever I damn well please!

Also, there are going to be major changes over here at The Get Down. In many ways, the crackhead ramblings with which I gifted you poor suckers over the last nine months propelled the writing of the dissertation. But now that that process is largely finished (the final final revisions still need to be completed; the entire work also has to be correctly formatted so that it can be bound), I want to move on to bigger, better things. To that end, over the next few months, I will be eliminating the separate pages over that The Let Down and Ambition Adams. Don't cry for me, Argentina: those two blogs, which were always meant to be addenda and afterthoughts, will now assume their rightful places as subsections on this heah blog. But that's going to take some restructurin' and some fancy html-in'. In case you were worried that my schizophrenic nature will be ill-served by the one blog, however, never fear. I will be debuting new content over at what will be the public face of Ambition Adams Enterprises (confused yet?): Ebony Is The New Black. You'll see. It will all come together.

* this is a lie


zach said...

Doc Broc: Congratu-fucking-lations!! That's the coolest thing ever, and I'm so proud of you, which sounds oddly parental of me but is totally heartfelt nonetheless. I feel like you should wear a fancy hat and smoke a pipe now. And not that pipe.
(I know the Broc nickname is reserved... I won't use it again. It just rhymed and I couldn't help myself.)

Electric Mayhem said...

First of all, I think you SHOULD smoke *that* pipe.

Second, "Doc Broc" can be used by all (not quite as exclusive as "Fergus"), though it's only special to Eb and me.

thptpth said...

Congratumalations! You must be so relieved to be done with the friggin' thing! I will totally be calling you Doctor Adams from now on.


And YAY!

Anonymous said...

I am madly happy for u, I know you can do it....let it not be the last...young and stupid why not go legit in edu-mication(as my country ass grandma would've say)